About Donor Hub

Omnisource Marketing continues to be a trusted sourcing partner for blood centers nationwide for over 25 years.

We understand the complexities, needs and demands of the blood banking industry. Several members of our team have first-hand industry experience as they previously worked in blood donor recruitment and marketing. Our combined experience will help deliver results in donor engagement, recruitment, retention and frequency.

We have refreshed into DONOR HUB by Omnisource Marketing.

This new hub will be the go-to resource in your tool kit for donor incentive inspiration, to see what is new & trending, as well as a gallery of some previous projects from the industry. Omnisource is more than donor gifts and incentives... we are here to be an extension of your team to develop strategy, manage projects, develop campaigns and add value to your program. We understand the importance of a safe and adequate blood supply and are here to help you achieve that goal.